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The glory of Germany (24th Nov 22 at 1:50am UTC)Quote Reply
Here, Ji Ming and Susman are talking and laughing happily. On the other side, the Germans were speeding up their attack on the British defenses, but with the Isthmus of Corinth under the control of Meyer's panzergrenadiers and the three pontoons blocked by German self-propelled infantry guns and machine guns, the Gurkhas were now as capable as they could be. No matter how accurate the British support artillery was, they could not have broken through such a tight German blockade. But now, Ji Ming and his soldiers only need to wait for work, until their reinforcements arrived on three sides of the encirclement can completely wipe out the British. At six o'clock in the evening, the German pursuers from the north finally arrived, accompanied by a burst of exclamations from the defending British. Dozens of tanks emerged from a hilltop, followed by a tidal wave of half-tracked German armored personnel carriers loaded with heavily armed German panzergrenadiers. Very good! Two hours, two hours. Ji Ming put down the telescope in his hand, then looked up at the watch on his wrist and nodded with satisfaction. Piper did a good job. It was just the right time. At this point he turned to little Ribbentrop and said, "You, contact Piper at once and tell him that the left flank of the British army is very empty. Let him attack from there, and at the same time. There will be no return." !” Here he waved his hand heavily. Ji Ming's order has just been issued. The Germans immediately launched an attack accordingly. Meyer and Piper's troops are starting to work. The armored troops raged recklessly against the other side's defense line, tearing the British defense line to pieces. Ji Ming, on the other hand, sat with peace of mind in the thick observation post of the headquarters,Nail machine supplier, looking at everything in front of him through the periscope. Now, in his words, "The enemy is being rapidly routed by artillery fire and sea water." At 8 P. m., the fierce gunfire gradually stopped. Ji Ming finally breathed a sigh of relief. Then he looked at the flickering fire in the distance and said slowly, "It's finally over!" Chapter 144 of the fifth chapter, a farcical military parade. Updated: January 7, 2009 2:48:53 Words in this Chapter: 3264 The German army, led by two large regiments with the same first letter W, won the final victory. The British W Army suffered heavy losses in the battle. Five infantry divisions and two brigades under its command, totaling 160, Nail machine manufacturer ,Nail production machine,000 men, were captured by the huge pockets of the German army, and almost all of them did not escape the carefully designed encirclement of the German army. Wilson, the supreme British commander, was killed. He fulfilled his vow to "die in battle if he fails." His death, of course, caused even greater confusion for the besieged British army, with many soldiers surrendering with only a little resistance. However, their nemesis, the German Waffen-SS was not in the mood to enjoy their victory at this time. With the arrival of the follow-up Wehrmacht infantry, the Waffen-SS soldiers who had been fighting for several days finally could not support themselves. Not long after they hastily handed over to the Wehrmacht, they lay in the drainage ditches on both sides of the highway and slept soundly. Meanwhile, more armored vehicles and trucks arrived in the Isthmus of Corinth, and the engineering troops in the rear began to direct the repair of the destroyed bridge. The next day, just after dawn, the vanguard of the Waffen-SS began to rush forward. The first to move was the armed Meyer's troops, followed by the Panzergrenadiers of Piper. All of them had one purpose, that is, to finish the battle as soon as possible and then have a good rest for a day. By this time, the main force of the British army had been wiped out. All that was left were the Greek army and some of the British troops. After learning that the main force of the British Expeditionary Force had collapsed in four hours, other Allied troops collapsed even faster, and countless motor vehicles were left on the road due to lack of fuel and mechanical failure. The German panzers were not in the mood to collect the booty. Because these things are dispensable to the German army. However, there are exceptions.
That is, when the soldiers of the 1st Battalion of Power Search found a large group of Bren machine gun vehicles abandoned due to lack of fuel, they became very interested in this small but versatile vehicle, so after a rush of robbery, they accepted the equipment without hesitation. Soon they reached their first goal, Pyrgos, near Mount Olympia. Where hospitable Greeks use wine. Tropical fruits and olive oil greeted the Germans warmly, and the German soldiers who were chasing the enemy were flattered to arrive, but they continued to advance without rest. At Tripolis, they finally caught up with a long-fleeing regimental battle group of Allied troops, the remnants of the retreat from Athens,iron nail machine, which surrendered without exception when the German vanguard arrived. This infuriated Lieutenant Colonel Teeter, commander of the Waffen-SS First Power Search Battalion, who was ready to do a big job. 3shardware.com
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