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Raising animals to become imperial concubines (Jiu (24th Nov 22 at 2:01am UTC)Quote Reply
Dongfang Youyu looked anxious and had been looking for a long time, but there was no clue at all. The jade pendant of the national teacher was found here. I have sent a team of people to look for it, but unfortunately I haven't found any useful information. Dongfang Youyu pointed to the grass beside the road, indicating that this was where the jade pendant was found. Xi Xizhi walked beside An Honghan, listening quietly to their conversation without interrupting. The young men and girls who went for an outing were all blocked by the imperial guards, and they were not allowed to step into the scope of the search. This is what An Honghan can do, but Dongfang Youyu can't do. The last time he came to search for clues, there were always many people going for an outing here, but they refused to leave, which hindered the progress of his search. The national teacher has been missing for a day, and it is estimated that even if there is a clue, it is almost gone. An Honghan looked at the surrounding environment, here is a place where many tourists like to enjoy, usually where there are many people, clues will exist for less time. Dongfang Youyu is not hopeful about this, "Your Majesty, continue to expand the scope of the search, maybe you can find a little bit of clues in other places." Hope is not allowed to give up, do not find the national teacher,plastic pallet suppliers, he will not be able to return home to explain to his father. Xi Xizhi also very much agreed with this, "it is very likely that when the old man Xu went out of the city to play, he was caught by someone carelessly.". Your Highness, think about it. Does old man Xu have any enemies? "Enemies?" Dongfang Youyu once thought about this possibility, but in the first moment, he was rejected by himself, "Impossible,plastic bulk containers, the national teacher has always been kind, it is impossible to offend anyone.." It's good to be kind. I've been with old man Xu for many days. Of course, Xi Xizhi also knows his advantages. Perhaps it was your country's enemy who didn't want Xu Guoshi to go back and deliberately set him up? Xi Xizhi continued to guess, always feeling that old man Xu could not have disappeared for no reason. An Honghan, who had always had a cold face, shook his head and said, "It's possible. If that's the case, it will be troublesome." Dongfang Youyu is also sad, "in short, please do your best to help our country find the national teacher, after Xu found, Lvyun will thank your majesty for his kindness." Unlike other princes and nobles, Dongfang Youyu would only squander money and put on high airs every day. When he is in trouble, he will lower his stature and know how to endure. For this reason, collapsible bulk containers ,plastic pallet suppliers, he is far ahead of other princes. The prince's words are too serious. An Honghan said politely and continued to order the imperial guards to search. The scope of the search has been doubled, and everyone has carefully checked every inch of the place. About the dispatch of the imperial guards, soon spread throughout the imperial capital. There's been a lot of talk that a very important person has disappeared. But no one knows the identity of the man. Everyone only knows that Your Majesty is looking for someone. All three sides have been searched, and there is no clue. Many of the imperial guards have reported. Only the north is left. Dongfang Youyu is a little disappointed, because this time three thousand imperial guards, if even a person's clues can not be found, it is too disappointing. Don't be discouraged. Seeing that Dongfang Youyu was in a bad mood, Xi Xizhi comforted him. Looking at the little girl's clear eyes, Dongfang Youyu tried to control his emotions, "This temple is all right, thank you for Miss Xi's concern." An Honghan stretched out his hand and pinched Xi Xizhi's arm, similar to a warning action, which was very inconceivable. Because an Honghan's movements were very small, few people found out. But the distance between Dongfang Youyu and them is relatively close, and they can see it clearly. The more you look at the way they get along with each other, the more strange it is for Dongfang Youyu. It felt like His Majesty was not spoiling her as a child, but spoiling her in another way. Dongfang Youyu dare not explain, because this matter will be related to the fate of many people. Tell Your Majesty that you have a clue. An imperial guard rushed up from a distance. Dongfang Youyu's reaction was the fastest. He opened his mouth and asked, "What are the clues?" The bodyguard did not dare to listen to him. He first glanced at His Majesty. After receiving His Majesty's instructions, he replied, "An old farmer said that he met the old man in the portrait when he went up the mountain to farm yesterday morning. He also had a few words with Xu Guoshi.".
” Such an important clue immediately shocked everyone. Where is the old farmer? Bring it to me. An Honghan ordered in a cold voice, putting his palm on Xi Xizhi's shoulder and moving very intimately. The more Dongfang Youyu looked at it, the more uncomfortable he felt, even if the child was cute again. Is the spoiling shown by An Honghan too overbearing? "Subordinates obey orders." The imperial guards immediately turned back and escorted an old farmer over. The old farmer was sixty or seventy years old, and his whole face was covered with wrinkles. Because of the passage of time in a hurry, the face is full of vicissitudes of life. Chapter 45 Perhaps it was the first time to see such a big scene, the old farmer nervously lowered his head and dared not look around. What did you say to the old man? An Honghan stood in front of the old man, and his momentum made him breathless. When the ministers saw An Honghan, they all shrank their heads and tails, not to mention the grass people. It is rare to see a person with extraordinary bearing. The old farmer nervously wiped his sweat. "Yesterday, when the grass people were planting vegetables in the fields, the old man passed by the path, and the grass people chatted with him.". From the tone of his voice, he seemed to be heading for the cliff of heartbreak. "Heartbroken Cliff?" Xi Xizhi exclaimed, what name is not good, unexpectedly take such a sad name. Why a lot of young ladies love to come here to play, and heartbroken cliff can not get rid of the relationship. Just listening to the place name, we know that it must be about love. It is also true that a hundred years ago, there was a pair of lovers who fell in love, but the woman died of a strange disease. Grief-stricken, the man buried the woman here, guarding the grave every day, not eating or drinking until death. This deep feeling to the heartbroken place,collapsible pallet bin, so that everyone is moved. After listening to Lynn's introduction to Heartbroken Cliff, Xi Xizhi got goose bumps all over. It turns out that every world has such a cliche story, but what is old man Xu doing here? Didn't his wife die young. binpallet.com
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