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Crazy Dota (25th Nov 22 at 4:46am UTC)Quote Reply
Asked about the most crucial point of their alliance, that is, the foundation of trust, the man's face "color" did not change at all. He said with a smile: "After solving the others, you and I each take two pieces of task materials, and then compete with each other based on our personal strength. We are about the same in strength, and each of us has a 50% chance to fight. Think about it, are you going it alone, ninety-nine percent chance of being killed by Zuo Wang first, or choose to join hands with me, and then half of the chances are to get all six materials, with the most perfect evaluation to start the task of inheriting equipment? Half the chance? Zhao Dingguo sneered in his heart, if he really believed his words, I'm afraid he might not even have a point in the end. How can there be such a kind-hearted person in the world who will hand over half of the chance to get the top God outfit that no one wants to buy and sell? However, disdain is disdain, but those who should cooperate should cooperate. Originally, even if he did not come over,facial recognition thermometer, Zhao Dingguo also wanted to borrow his power. Now that he took the initiative to come to the door, Zhao Dingguo put on a thoughtful posture, repeatedly weighed for several minutes, and finally agreed to his cooperation. Then we agreed that we would stay in the secret place until the last hour of the mission. After repeatedly confirming the time with Zhao Dingguo, the man whistled and strode away. When he walked out of the gate of the Crystal Sanctuary, he did not forget to wave back to Zhao Dingguo,digital signage screen, and then raised a finger. Zhao Dingguo nodded heavily, indicating that he would not forget the agreement, and then watched him leave with a smile. However, after waiting for that guy to walk away, Zhao Dingguo's face quickly became serious, and his heart was filled with fear of this man. This is at least a rare level of prayer bloodline of the beginning of the master, looks far more difficult than his table "dew" strength to deal with it! Zhao Dingguo was not worried about their agreement. The key is to join hands later, you must be careful, so as not to be cheated by him at the critical moment. Although the scroll will not die, but the best opportunity is gone, Zhao Dingguo does not want to sacrifice himself for others. (To be continued) Chapter Table of Contents Chapter 410 Re-entering the Moonglade By the way, I don't know what the guy's name is! During the discussion and cooperation, smart whiteboard price ,face recognition identification, Zhao Dingguo suddenly found that he had forgotten to ask the man's name. [Book source Guli. As a supplicant, you may still be an opponent of yourself in the future. After all, the strength is not weak, the brain looks good, it is worth vigilance. If you meet again later, you must ask. After bowing his head and meditating for a few minutes, Zhao Dingguo put away his mood and set foot on the transport array to the city of elves. Although I had been here once before when I did the final step of the bloodline task, I was concerned about the task at that time, so I was not impressed all the way. Fortunately, Zhao Dingguo has decided to walk out of the secret place in the last hour, so the time for the first step of the task is very abundant. He asked for "sex" to slow down and leisurely entered the city of elves. The city is located in the southern central region of the Guard Corps, in a vast expanse of forest. It is said that it has existed for a longer time than the base camp of the World Tree, and it is a building of ancient times. Because it is difficult to trigger any task at ordinary times, although the name is big, few people come. That is to say, after the Moonglade Secret Land was discovered by Super God users, it really became a famous holy place. In the center of the city of elves, Zhao Dingguo was once again interrogated. After confirming his identity, he was successfully transported into the Moonglade through the portal of the City of Elves. This is a small world blessed by the moon God Elu! The bright silver moon is always high in the sky at any time. The cold moonlight shines on the whole secret land, making the moonlight forest beautiful. Countless plants that Zhao Dingguo could not name swayed and danced in the moonlight, forming the unique landscape of the moonlight woodland-the Silver Moon Forest Sea. Although he had seen it once before, Zhao Dingguo could not help sighing when he revisited the old place and saw the beautiful scenery here again. It is indeed one of the top ten unique scenes in the main plane! I remember the last time I came here, thanks to my tutor, he succeeded in getting a bottle of lake water from the Moonglade from this secret place.
Not so lucky this time, though. After entering the Moonlight Woodland, the elf guards who lead the way are extremely vigilant about "sex". Although Zhao Dingguo was identified as a disciple of his mentor, he was identified as having a relationship with the blood elves. More or less received a little preferential treatment, but the attitude of the elf guards is still not much different from that of guarding against thieves. You can't blame them for this, mainly because the lake of Moonglade is too famous and practical. Even though there are first-class forces like the elves guarding the main plane, there are still many super-god users who are thinking about it. Although most of them can't even get in the door, there are always people who can successfully steal some. After a long time, the attitude of these guards towards the users of Super God is understandable. Your Excellency's purpose? Seeing Zhao Dingguo looking left and right, the elf military officer in charge of receiving outsiders in the moonlight forest asked in a routine cold tone. But as he looked. The military officer seemed to think of something and asked uncertainly, "Have we met before?" Zhao Dingguo nodded and simply said that he had done the task of bloodline. I said there was a sense of familiarity, and sure enough, I had been here. When you say that, I remember that I took you to the transport array in the secret land to the ancient ruins of the blood elves. The elf military officer shook his long pointed ears and showed a little more kindness on his face. Becoming a disciple of the blood elf royal family means that he has more or less a relationship with the elves, and can barely be regarded as "one of his own". After a slight pause,facial recognization camera, the military officer continued to ask, "So.". Are you still going to the ruins of the blood elves this time? Zhao Dingguo shook his head and said his real purpose: "The tutor needs a kind of material, which is said to be called Moonlight Spring.". Because he is busy. So he sent me to look for it. I wonder if there is any magic material in the Moonglade? "The Fountain of Moonlight?" 。 hsdtouch.com
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