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Waiting for your starlight [Jin Tui] (25th Nov 22 at 4:47am UTC)Quote Reply
So, it's normal to be stared at, and it's normal to be envied. Yixi had a smile on her lips and a happy expression, as if there were no secret eyes behind her. She has never been afraid to become the center of attention, doubt or belittle, the only thing that can resolve them is strength. . The first scene was shot by Li Chenglang's Prince and Gong Wenfei's King of Qi, who finally decided to form an alliance after many previous attempts. The content was not long, and both of them were in good condition, so the scene was quickly finished. The following shooting is in the same scene, and we don't have to rush around. Gong Wenfei finished the task and ran to the monitor to watch the playback. Li Chenglang was still sitting there. The assistant took the water. He drank two mouthfuls and did not speak. A face of strangers was not allowed to approach. Teacher Li looks a little gloomy, and he doesn't look like him at all. The coordinator, a girl, whispered to the field reporter next to her. It should be to keep the mood. It was the same when I was shooting in Beijing before. I almost thought he had a bad temper. Alas, the character of the prince is so tragic that it is estimated that he will be gloomy for several months. Touching Yixi in front, "It's your turn next. Don't be nervous. I'll cheer you on." Yixi nodded solemnly. "I'm trying not to be nervous." Without being reminded by others, she also found that there were obviously more onlookers at the scene than before, and a pair of her eyes were all kinds of signals, which seemed to be directed at her, the new Qin girl. Yixi did not know whether to be happy that she was so attractive, or to lament that so many people wanted to see her jokes. Director Qin called Yixi over and told her about the play in person. Then the assistant director told her: "Remember the key points. The feelings of this play are more complicated. It doesn't matter if you do it again several times, but you must try your best.". Don't waste film. The rest time had passed, the staff were in place,Calacatta Nano Glass, and Li Chenglang came out of the state of sleep. Yixi saw Xu Muzhou out of the corner of his eye. He stood beside her, his eyes soft and encouraging, reminding her of the first time he acted in a drama on stage, and he looked at her like that. The board was set down, all the noise disappeared, and everyone's eyes were focused on the same place. In the empty hall, the prince's jade crown and black clothes lay lazily behind the table. He had just made a pact with his half-brother to bury the hatchet and conspire for the throne, but for more than 20 years before that,White Marble Mosaic, they had regarded each other as mortal enemies. Even his birth mother, the late queen, died because of his mother. The right hand slowly clenched, blood overflowed from the fingers, sliding down the wrist, a piece of red. But he still had a smile on his face, raised lips and mocking eyes with unspeakable desolation, as if laughing at himself, kneeling in front of his mother's soul and swearing to avenge her, but now in order to protect himself, he had to cooperate with his enemies. How absurd. Li Yingdi was stimulated by yesterday's news. This acting skill is simply amazing! The coordinator touched his arm. "I'm getting goose bumps.". Teacher Yin, what do you think? Yin Ru smiled, "Yes, Teacher Li acted really well.". That's great. The more wonderful and tense Li Chenglang's performance is, the greater the pressure on the actors who play opposite him. Even if they complete their tasks according to the requirements, they will not catch the feelings he handed over, Marble Projects ,Marble Granite Price, which will lead to the imbalance and incompatibility of the play. As a newcomer to acting for the first time, failure is almost inevitable. In the picture, there is a beautiful woman in brocade clothes walking out slowly, her silk shoes stepping on the scarlet lichen, and her aqua blue skirt winding three feet. The camera did not take a picture of her face at first, but only saw her graceful figure and graceful steps like dancing. It's simple, but it's a romance of its own. She went to the prince's side, and instead of saluting, she took his injured hand and broke it finger by finger. The wine cup in the palm of his hand had been crushed, the porcelain pieces were stuck in the flesh, and the blood flowed, which looked very frightening. She pinched the largest piece of broken porcelain and gently pulled it out. The prince finally opened his eyes, cold in his black pupils, as if the next moment he would fly into a rage because of the woman who had trespassed. Opposite him, the beauty knelt gracefully, her long hair was black, her skin was white, and her side face was as quiet as a virgin. She was not affected by the prince's emotions and went on with her own business. All the tiles were cleaned up. She held his hand in the palm of her hand and bowed her head and kissed it.
Red lips against the palm, with infinite lingering affection, gently sucked. But a few moments later, her expression was different from that just now. There was a flowing bright color sliding across the corner of her eyes and the tip of her eyebrows, like a pair of plain Meticulous Brushwork suddenly colored and edged. From then on, thousands of miles of rivers and mountains were full of luxury. The indifference on the prince's face disappeared, and he raised his uninjured left hand and dropped it on top of her head. He stroked her like a pet, and she bent down meekly to bear his pity. When his hand left, she finally raised her head, and for the first time, her beautiful face was unreservedly exposed to everyone. Eyes deep as the night sky, faintly visible twinkling light, it is the stars in the night sky, dotted in the distant horizon, need to find to see. His eyelashes trembled and his red lips opened slightly, like the most attractive invitation. There was fresh blood on it, his blood, so grandly stained her lips, so red and dazzling, and white skin set off, it was thrilling. Attracted by the charm, he took her cheek in his left hand and pressed it gently with his thumb. Plump lips sank a little, blood stained his fingertips, she looked down, suddenly stuck out her tongue and licked it. The tip of the tongue is soft and dexterous, slipping past, leaving only the feeling of wetness. She pursed her lips and chuckled like a monster who had just tasted a sacrifice. Only then did they realize that the previous chastity and tranquility were all illusions, and that the present enchanting was the truth. She gazed at the prince in a soft voice. "If the utensils are not good, your Highness will destroy them.". But if they are stained with your blood, they are too valuable and give them face. The lines of the movie are always puns. Here it seems to be discussing the broken wine glass, but in fact it is Liu Ji who is comforting the prince not to take it to heart because of his cooperation with the king of Qi. Prince expression disappointed, but also some confused,Agate Slabs For Sale, "destroyed?"? Can you still destroy them? Liu Ji smiled, "of course.". As long as you don't want to see it, it shouldn't exist in this world. "Card-". forustone.com
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