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The author of "Immortal on the Immortal" is at the (25th Nov 22 at 4:53am UTC)Quote Reply
While watching the air division now every move, while apologetically looking at the mouth, that fishy sweet taste is still very heavy. Time can't wait any longer, after all, help me transfer the body in the Nine Heavens has lost a lot of magic power, and then because of the sudden attack of the air division, I'm afraid it's not easy to get hurt, so I can't wait that long! Clenched his teeth and waved his heart to the defenseless man. His strength seemed to be interfered by some substances, and he became more powerful than before. He swept towards the empty division. The bricks on the ground were smashed one after another, so he quickly pinched a trick and floated out of the hall with his sister. The man who was chasing behind him was more powerful than the great scourges, and even now, with the help of some kind of power, his magic power was stronger than before, but he still could not compare with the man who was approaching behind him, holding two men, one left and one right, who were obviously weaker than the one who was full of blood. Running on the road, has been completely hanging on my body to my ear whispered: "Moon, it seems that I think I have a long life!"! I regret it now. Regret? When I hear this word, I feel a little bad in my heart. Why should I regret it? Do you regret helping me? Yes, he. Should be like this, now a body of injuries, afraid is in addition to the previous work under Chiyou, he may have been invincible! But now, it's a mess. However, he gently breathed into my ear, gently touched the sensitive place with his lips, which caused my body to pause,inflatable amusement park, and the thin voice echoed in my ear. I regret that I didn't make an offer to you before, and I thought about it for a long time, afraid that you would be frightened. "Don't.." I don't know what kind of madness he is now. The sensitive place he touched became hot as if it were on fire. His face seemed to be burning. His voice was a little soft. When he heard his own voice, he felt a little uncomfortable. However, now is not the time to make such a shy person, behind him, the empty division has entered, from a dozen steps away, the chase is not slow. By her side, her sister turned her head as if blushing,Inflatable 5k obstacle, as if she had seen nothing. But this chase moment did not last long, when only run out of Zhang Xu, the front is a layer of cliff, in the distance, it is boundless night, can not see the edge. The three of them had to stop on the edge of the cliff and turn to look at the empty company that had stopped ten paces away. "Evil Emperor." Not sure if it was him, I had to pretend to be calm and greet the man with purple eyes in front of me, although he was still empty, but inside, I was afraid it was really someone else! He chuckled, as if responding to my idea. This is really not interesting. Unexpectedly, by this time, Shi Yue knew who I was. "Apart from anything else, I just want to ask you, how did you get in? Chiyou, the world that has not changed for thousands of years, even the emperor, does not have the ability to get in and out so freely!" Under the throat, the blood gas rolls more fiercely, Inflatable outdoor park ,Inflatable water park factory, even if it is forced to be calm, but the actual movement in the body can not last long. The blood in my heart suddenly wanted to go out, but the figure in front of me slowly and carelessly shook the fan that painted this orchid, so leisurely and contented, eyes, purple light flowing. What do you think? Clever as you are, you can know at once when I was here, right? With a sarcastic breath in his mouth, smart? If I were smart, I wouldn't have been confused for so long. If someone hadn't helped me secretly, I wouldn't have known how to take the blood from the living bowl to refine it. So he had to shake his head gently.
"Evil Emperor, I'm afraid you're making fun of me!" Men, sleeves were gently pulled over, pulled behind, and that covered with injuries, and stood in front of me, at this time, let me sad, have become like this, but also want to protect, so, is it worth it? Moving the body that could not stand up straight, with only a little effort, he leaned to one side and looked back at me with a little reproach, so he shook his head with a light smile, even if it was no one who had the ability to deal with the evil emperor who had been hurt at all, and I had no ability to deal with him at all, let alone save all the people. The elder sister looked at Lord Kongsi standing ten paces away with complicated eyes. No, it would be more appropriate to call him the evil emperor. Fine! I'll tell you, the last time you hurt the white bird, I thought he was useless, and I wanted to see what you could do, so I stayed in the empty body all the time. A relaxed look, as if to say a trivial thing, that tone makes people angry. When Kong Si came out of that array, he was already possessed by the evil emperor, but we didn't notice it at all. What a slack! That is attached to the empty division, I am afraid it is only one, but now to get him out of the empty division, it is really difficult, not to mention that now three people are injured. The other side is advancing step by step. And in the distance, the silent shadow, is approaching this quickly, the mind moves, is there anything else? But in the present world, if you don't mention the two subordinates who have fallen down, only the other two people who can freely enter and exit here, Yan Jun and Charm. Sudden change, only in that moment, under the body of Kongsi, after a period of darkness, the rotating body kept turning towards his half body, and the person who lived on Kongsi, as if he had not yet realized why things had suddenly changed, stood shocked in the same place, only five steps away from us. The two men, who were also standing not far away, smiled proudly on their faces, and the charm in green made a grimace and stuck out his tongue niftily. Why do you say you don't want our help! Don't you want it now? "Hehe.." I miscalculated, but I didn't expect you to take so long to come out. "We watched it on purpose to see what the pretentious adult was capable of, but we didn't think of it." "Well,Jumping castle with slide, well, I lost it. According to the agreement, I'll give it to you!" "That's more like it." 。 joyshineinflatables.com
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