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Concubine by tolerance - Posted By AnthonyAGreen (anthonyagreen) on 16th Nov 22 at 2:11am
Original. At that time, the first empress was the emperor's favorite concubine, Lin Yunlian, the eldest daughter of the Lin family. The Lin family has a great cause, and its position in this court has already surpassed most of the families. Even Xiao Guogong and Rong Lao Wang Ye at that time could not be compared with it. When the first queen entered the palace, she was the pet of the special room, and later she was pregnant. The emperor was very happy that day. Pointing to the child in the womb of the late empress, he said that if he was a man, he would be the crown prince and be given the name of Chu brocade; if he was a woman, he would be named the eldest princess and be given the name of Chu jade. With the pregnancy of the first queen, the family business of the Lin family became more and more prosperous. However, the good times did not last long. The Lin family was prosperous for a hundred years, but before the birth of Rong Chu eighteen years ago, there was a series of misfortunes. The head of the Lin family died of old age. The eldest brother of the late empress, Lin Yufei, and his two sons were killed in battle. Mrs. Lin and her wife were too sad to die one after another. Soon after, the Lin family was flooded, and a fire of unknown origin burned down the century-old foundation of the Lin family. The first queen learned the news of dystocia, the palace caught fire that night, the maidservant Mammy did not escape,Pallet rack upright, the body did not leave a body, thanks to the chance of Rong Lao Wang Ye saved Rong Chu's life, the tree fell Sun San, no more Lin Fu. Speaking of the past, Rong Lao Wang Ye also gave a deep sigh and was filled with emotion. At that time, the king happened to enter the palace to report back to the emperor on military affairs, but he stayed in the palace because it was getting late. That night,warehouse rack manufacturer, the king's residence happened to be in the rear of the queen's bedroom. "The first queen's bedroom hall is connected to the side hall of the palace where the king lived, and they are all made of sandalwood, so naturally they are extremely easy to catch fire.". The fire destroyed the barrier of the sandalwood palace wall, and the king, armed with force, was the first to rush into the sea of fire. "At that time, the fire was urgent, and even the king would die in the fire if he did not leave.". But the first queen's birth was already at the last moment, and she could not move at all. The most loyal Mammy around the queen was also very anxious, but she didn't want to abandon the queen and go alone. Thinking of this scene, Rong Laowang's eyes were also filled with admiration, with a touch of scarlet, "At that last moment, it was the first queen who died.". Let Mammy use a long sword to cut open her stomach and hold you out for the king to take away. At the last moment, heavy duty warehouse rack ,heavy duty racking system, the first queen begged the king to take good care of you. Behind the matter, Rong Chu does not need to listen also already knew. The fire in the palace that year. Burned down a lot of places. In the palace of the first queen, neither Mammy nor the maidservant escaped, and they were all buried in the fire. And the first queen and the child were also buried in the fire. Had it not been for the coincidence, who would have known that the child would have been rescued by Lord Rong? Think of the fire in the palace. Rong Chu could not help but have doubts. Over the years, he had also inquired about the palace where the late empress lived, but the palace people were very secretive. The palace where the empress lived was destroyed by a fire. Later, the empress expanded and transformed it into a more luxurious atmosphere, which is now the Millennium Palace. And the place where the king lived in those days is now the Changle Palace. Hearing this, Rong Chu was shocked. That day in the palace, he had secretly protected Jing Shengwu, and arrested the eunuch sent by Zhao Xiyan and De Fei Empress to burn down the Changle Palace. But instead of stopping the fire, he set fire to the sandalwood beams of the Millennium Palace. On that day, he just wanted to drag the empress into the game so that she could help Jing Shengwu. Put the imperial concubine to death. But today, it seems that all this is such a coincidence. Had it not been for the quick cry of little Zhuo Zi that day, I'm afraid the empress would have been burned to death in the palace. How similar is all this to the situation in which Lord Rong rescued the late queen? Speaking of this, Rong Lao Wang Ye's voice is with fatigue, looking at the physical strength is already exhausted. The ruddiness of his face also dropped rapidly, and soon turned pale. The voice is also more and more old, as if said this sentence, then no longer have the strength to say the next sentence. Rong Chu lips tightly pursed, did not speak, only respectfully to Rong Lao Wang Ye lowered his head. Either way. Rong Lao Wang Ye is the only relative in the world to him. Rong Chu, the king knows your temper. Now that you have inquired about this matter yourself, I am afraid that you have already had the idea of thoroughly investigating the matter of that year.
But Ben Wang only told you that the things involved in those years were too big. If you don't have full confidence, you can't do it easily. Said, Rong Lao Wang Ye coughed, coughed out of the sputum water is actually completely dark red color, and inside the dark red meat, looking at it is really painful at the same time feel frightened. The king rescued you that year. But also did not dare to confess your identity to the world, only said that this is the grandson of the king. But I'm afraid someone noticed the matter, that year qi son with three thousand soldiers and the Huns, reinforcements is not to come. Just wait for Qi son and the Huns to die together, they just appeared. Speaking of Aiko's tragic death, Rong Laowang's already absent eyes were also scarlet. He laboriously raised his hand to take off his sword and handed it to Rong Chu. "I'm afraid it's not the tallest one in the harem, but also related to her.". But don't check it out. It's too big. I'm afraid it involves the whole royal family. "In the future, the mansion of King Rong will be handed over to you.". As long as you guard the mansion of King Rong, you can get a piece of the world. "The emperor is the coolest by nature, so you must be careful." Put the sword into the hands of Rong Chu, said the last exhortation, Rong Lao Wang Ye sighed, like an old horse who put down the heavy burden. Years of unbearable burden, alone to bring up Rong Chu, which is the bitterness of others can not know? Looking at the old Lord Rong, who was no longer moving,Warehouse storage racks, Rong Chu closed his eyes slightly. His white but powerful palm gently stroked the eyes of the old prince and closed them slightly. With Rong Chu's movements, Rong Lao Wang Ye's already overburdened body quickly rotted away, looking like the old man who had already died. A stench of stench also spread in the room with the decay of the body of Lord Rong. omracking.com