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Ao Shi Tian Lang (25th Nov 22 at 4:41am UTC)Quote Reply
On the night before the blood God emperor's birthday, Qi Tian and the three of them went back to their rooms to rest as usual. After a while, Song Jun's snoring came out. Damn it, I'm asleep again! The two spies gathered together gloomily and huddled in the corner wrapped in two sheepskin coats. Yeah, these three bastards eat, drink and gamble. What the hell do they do? The two spies seem to be depressed to the extreme, people eat meat and drink, they have to watch outside, people go to brothels to visit women, they also have to watch outside, people go to underground banks to gamble, they still have to be outside, the contrast of the two gaps, so that the two blood spies are bored, cold days have to give people a vigil. I don't know who they owe in this life! In a daze, the two spies fell asleep quietly, and at that moment, Qi Tian's door opened at the same time, and then three dark shadows fell beside the two spies. Xiaotian, do you want to kill it? Song Jun questioned in a low voice, and the cold blade had reached the necks of the two spies. No, let them sleep first! As he spoke, Qi Tian pulled out two silver needles from his wrists, and with a flick, the two silver needles hit the sleeping holes of the two spies accurately. After the silver needle entered the acupoint,outdoor palm trees, the two probes did not even react, directly tilted their heads, and completely lost consciousness! "After a while to the palace, separate action, remember not to continue to fight, if you meet a master, immediately meet me as planned." "I know!" Song Jun and Zhang Liang nodded at the same time, then fled to the high altitude, toward the palace! Three dark shadows like ghosts, after a few ups and downs,artificial coconut palm trees, disappeared in the dark night sky! In the heavily guarded palace, the blood God emperor did not rest, but accompanied his only baby daughter to talk! "Jade, tomorrow I want to take advantage of my father's birthday to choose a marriage for you. You are not young. It's time to get married!" "Father, she will never marry and will always be with you." After the blood God emperor heard his daughter's words, his mouth was full of joy. When the father could have such a filial daughter, it was his blood God emperor's blessing. But after he was happy, he said to her seriously: "Nonsense, how can a girl's family not look for her husband's family? I think the Oriental boy is good, and his father is the first marshal of our blood clan army, and the Oriental boy is both civil and military." There is no one better than him in the world today! "Dad, I've said that my daughter will never marry, and I don't like the East either!" Her face was anxious. Oh? Are you interested in someone? The blood God emperor is so clever, from his daughter's look, he faintly guessed that the princess who always likes to run around outside must have a lover. No, don't guess. Her face appeared a touch of blush. Hum, since there is no, decorative palm trees ,large palm trees for sale, then tomorrow I will announce your engagement with the Oriental boy. The Emperor of Blood pretended to be angry and snorted coldly. Dad, don't. Her coquettish arm carrying the blood God emperor. Tell me, are you interested in anyone outside? Is he a blood man or a star man? The blood God emperor is covering his daughter's words. Dad, I really don't! Her wanted to say that she knew a handsome young man, but she didn't even know the details of the young man, and her father couldn't agree with her to marry a commoner in any case, so she could only say no. Since there is really no, then I will announce your marriage to the Oriental boy tomorrow! The blood God emperor said to stand up directly to go! Also at the moment when the blood God emperor stood up, he suddenly felt a powerful energy reaching the top of the palace in an instant, and this powerful energy was deliberately released, obviously with the meaning of challenge! "No, there are assassins!" Blood God emperor suddenly put his daughter in his arms, the body instantly released a powerful energy circle of light, her tightly wrapped in the middle, whispered to comfort her daughter after a few words, leisurely walk out, after all, he is the king of the family, no matter when, he can't mess up.
Almost at the same time, the blood of the twenty-nine offerings also appeared in the palace above, and linked into a line to form a large array, nervously watching a man in black floating in midair! When the Emperor of Blood came to the palace courtyard, he looked up at the men in black who were surrounded in the middle and asked with a sneer, "If I didn't guess wrong, you should be the prince of the Star Clan, right?" "***, you are still a ***ing emperor, what chicken vision ah, tell you, Lao Tzu line does not change the name, sit does not change the surname, Lao Tzu called Song Jun, people send the nickname Big Mac, how, old bastard, scare you?" You.. Do you dare to scold Ben Wang? It was the first time that the Emperor of Blood had heard someone scold him like this. What he had heard most was flattery and so on. Suddenly, someone scolded himself and shouted abuse. How could he stand it? So he was so angry that he immediately raised the energy of his whole body to the highest level and prepared to kill the Big Mac himself. ***, scolding is you, you old bastard, nothing does not lie down in your doghouse to stay, but to other people's star clan to occupy the territory, you ***ing cross the line you do not know? What's the matter, relying on the large number of people? Relying on great strength? Damn, I look down on you blood people with a head of shit! Song Jun scolded, but still raised the energy to the highest, because he knew that the energy of the twenty-nine old guys plus the energy of the blood God emperor was enough to make him die a hundred times, so he was ready to run away at any time, and he also wondered why Zhang Liang and Qi Tian did not act. Ah, ah, my life tore you up. The blood God emperor was finally furious, and flew to the sky to attack the Song army, his fist came out of a group of fire, it seems that he wanted to turn the Song army directly into ashes. At the same time, those worshippers did not intervene, they just kept flying in space,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, and constantly holding all kinds of hands, quickly laid a binding array, so that the assassin who insulted the emperor could not escape!. hacartificialtree.com
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