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Cuff the president, boss. (25th Nov 22 at 4:49am UTC)Quote Reply
"Wait.." Millet stopped him. What's going on? Do you want a good night kiss? Millet was a little nervous and grabbed his clothes. That one You Are you free tomorrow? I want to invite you to dinner as a thank you for helping me so much! She said, this is the first time she invited him! If he doesn't, he's dead! Just. Just. Never talk to him again, but also call him smelly wax gourd! Fu Donghan can not help but feel funny, she just looked like a green girl to the heart of the male voice like confession. "I'm looking forward to it," he said, pointing his finger at Xiaomi. Chapter 92 Millet thought he was going to have something to say, so he bent down and leaned his head in the past, who knows. Fu Donghan stretched out his hand, gently clasped the back of her head, covered her lips, let her go after a deep kiss, and gently said: "I will pick you up tomorrow morning, good night!"! Have a good dream! He raised a charming smile, and Xiaomi blushed. The car walked away, millet covered his lips and stood motionless,ultrasonic spray nozzle, not angry because Fu Donghan kissed her just now, but some sweet in his heart, unconsciously hanging a smile on his face. That's sweet satisfaction. Last night millet slept a good sleep, sleep until dawn, perhaps Fu Donghan said yesterday really came true, she really had a good dream. Ji Ji Ji. "Come in." Red Ma smiled and pushed the door in. Get up! Hurry up and go down to eat! "I know, Red Mom,ultrasonic emulsifying machine," she said with a smile. See millet smile as if the heart is very good, red mother thought she would live home because the heart will be depressed! Now the red mother is relieved to see her smiling face. Red Mom, can I dress like this? Xiaomi, turn around and show the red mother. Just thank him for dinner, just wear it casually, but she did not know why to dress up, but also wear a skirt, she has not worn for more than ten years, feel strange, then ask the red mother's opinion. Good-looking, very good-looking, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, "the red mother smiled from ear to ear and nodded frequently." So you're going on a date! Millet blushed slightly. No! Only It's just a meal. It's really just a meal! "This is also called a date!"! Is it with the gentleman yesterday? She is very satisfied with Fu Donghan, but also can see that he is very good to millet. Millet nods: "Red Mom, comb my hair for me?" She doesn't know anything about the pattern on her head. All right, I'll get you some pretty hair. With a simple dress and a little makeup, Xiaomi went downstairs to eat breakfast expectantly, and her mother was already sitting there eating breakfast in the restaurant. Good morning, Mom! She still felt a little uncomfortable in front of her mother, and she tried to ignore this feeling. Shen Feirong put down the cow cup in her hand, looked at Xiaomi and said, "Good morning." Is still so indifferent tone. Millet bit the snack made by Red Mother, thinking when Fu Donghan would come, but she didn't expect her mother to speak on her own initiative. "Don't move out when you come back," Shen said in a formulaic tone. Ah? But But the new house has been found, and now it is just being decorated. Red Ma pushed her arm with her hand and said softly, "Just stay here!"! I can see that Madame really wants you to stay at home. She's telling the truth. She's seen it in her eyes for so many years. It's a bad feeling to have no children around. … Fine If you move back, it means that Yu Tian will live outside alone in the future. I'll call her later and explain it to her. Oh, it's terrible. Xiao Tian must be very angry. I'm sure she'll say it again. Is there a date today? "She is satisfied with her daughter's dress today, but she doesn't show it." Uh Go to dinner. She smiled and nodded, took a bite of the doughnut, and suddenly felt like a doughnut. Shen Feirong looked at her daughter's smiling face with some surprise, which brought back some memories of the past. Although it was not her own, the feelings really existed, but if that had not happened, maybe it would not have been like today. She had been looking forward to sitting down for a meal like this for a long time.
"If it's a boyfriend, bring it back to me when you're free." You seem to be familiar with the president of Fu's. "Her expression suddenly became more indifferent." Not bad Millet's mind was full of dating, and his answer was a little absent-minded. Don't associate with him in the future, and quit your present job. This kind of work outside is not suitable for girls to do. Come back to the company at home to help. "Mom.." What do you mean? Why did you tell me not to associate with Fu Donghan? She was more concerned about her and Fu Donghan than about her work, which surprised her a lot. Shen Feirong didn't expect her to say that either. Anyway, don't associate with him. You like him? She looked at Xiaomi with some surprise. No No, we.. We're just friends. Do you like Fu Donghan? Does she like it? I don't know yet. Yes, they are just friends. But why do they feel guilty! "Mom, do you know him?" Was the mother's reaction too strong? She remembered the same thing at the Li family banquet last time. Yes, of course I do! Shen Feirong sneered. At that time, the company "Feiyang" founded by Xiaomi's father was still in an unstable process and was in danger. At that time, Fu's enterprise happened to be a big customer of the company. It can be said that if there was no Fu's customer at that time, "Feiyang" might go bankrupt soon. But I don't know why, Fu suddenly said that he would cancel the cooperation with Feiyang, saying that Feiyang company was unstable and did not want to continue to invest and cooperate. At that time,sonicator homogenizer, Xiaomi's father was in order to save the company. Tired of running around without stopping every day, I finally fell ill. I didn't expect to be diagnosed with terminal cancer. Time is running out. I didn't expect to die in the kidnapping accident. Mom Mom Millet called his absent mother. Shen Feirong came to her senses. What's the matter? "Mom, what's wrong with you? You don't look very well. Are you uncomfortable?" Millet looked at her mother worriedly and said. fycgsonic.com
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